Missing Piece Tattoo


Thank you for visiting our new website.  The Missing Piece is located in historic downtown Spokane about a half a block west of Washington on the north side of Sprague.  If you want to get exact, the address is 410 W Sprague.  If you’re having a hard time finding it, take a look at the map on the contact page.

We take our art seriously and we believe that shows in our portfolios. Whether you’re a first-timer, need to cover up your ex’s name, or want to work on a custom piece, we’ll make sure that when you leave the studio, you’ll leave with a tattoo that you’re proud of.   We’ve also added a salon.  If you’re looking to get some magic done on your wig, come see Stephanie!

Regardless of what you come in for, you’ll find that our new shop is clean, bright, and most importantly, safe.  We always use single use needles, and open sterile packages in front of the client.  We use a hospital style autoclave as well as chemical sterilization for our tools, counter tops, and surfaces.   We take all the necessary measures to ensure that your tattoo or piercing is safe and healthy.

Lastly, you can keep tabs on us and upcoming events at Facebook: